The "who cares how it sounds it looks good" thread


No doubt will also sound really good but I really like the looks of the new Modwright amps


Fucking hell - I do like those… Hate to think what they’ll cost!


Lovely looking things. But… Ambrose :thinking:? Not a good name at all​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. “Here is my 10K amp and preamp. They are called Ambrose.” Sounds great doesn’t it? Maybe he’ll bring out a phono stage called Chester, or a DAC called Myron to round out the set. Always a good idea to pick names that maximise full pride of ownership.


Maybe speakers called Winston :smirk:


Or Bernard. I would quite like a large pair of Bernards in the listening room…


Saintly :innocent:


yes i have been watching the ambrose developments on the modwright forum


My speakers are called Tony and Barbara


Consequence Satie 22s Mono


Consequence Charade T/T.


Always wanted one of these, love the look.

Rather stupidly sold a set of the below Primare, what an idiot.




They’d be worth a small fortune by now if you had hung on to them :roll_eyes:


To be fair, I got good money for them, it’s just they would be worth more now in a nice shiny rack :scream:

I am NOT selling these however.



I remember drooling over those in Hifi Choice many many years ago :slight_smile:


iirc the Hovland kit has a fairly disastrous rep for reliability - hence why they no longer exist

Love the look of the Primare stuff :+1:


note r2r


Cable lifters are what’s really making the difference there Bob :+1:


The foo in that video was enough to fap too.


Otter’s pocket :ok_hand:


Those kinds of systems never do anything for me at shows. Highly impressive at certain aspects but always come over as a synthetic version of how music sounds to my ears