There's a Rat in Me Kitchen

It’s so hard. It breaks my heart every time. But we all only have so much to give.

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I think she needs a skip :worried:

She needs to get in a skip.


From your end it could have been worse. At least there’s no damage, no overflowed toilet or the like.
A sad state of affairs though.

I was going to suggest she had a drinking problem, but she seems to be getting through it all with adequacy

I have a feeling you will be saying au revoir soon, as horrible as it is, you aren’t her personal social service. Top marks to you if you want to help, but that road will be full of disappointment long before any sign of sunlit uplands.

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More than generous.

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I have now built upwards and most of our surfaces are clear of bottles for the moment

This was exactly we stopped being a landlord. Aside from the mess you get left with, you end up feeling responsible for their mental well being…and I didnt become a landlord to be a social worker.


I tend to prefer this

I see that most days and not in my own home

I’ve seen a lot worse. With kids in.
You’d be amazed how some people live.

It’s the smell that always gets me!


Indeed on occasions i have to call in social services. Its hard but sometimes you have to look past your life.

Its shit on the floors that always gets me

Beds with no linen the colour of old tea bags.
Flies. Turd and animals.
Fag smoke. Needles. Vacant, yellow children.

You can see it all on telly but when it’s in front of you it never fails to shock and disgust.

It’s a sad fact but I suspect this lady is beyond help in this context. Any goodwill will be lost as once the bottle gets you it’s usually game over.

Don’t feel too sad at being harsh and see it as business. You’ll waste your time if you try and solve it for her.

I hope she gets her shit together but i fear a proper clean up will be left to you matt.

If she’s paying the rent I don’t see a major problem. Clear all the empties and it’ll look a lot better. Dirt can be cleaned. The two major problems are when they don’t pay or if they cause damage.

In my experience the best tenants are foreign. I’ve got a delightful Indian couple as tenants at the moment. MUCH better than home grown tenants.


Could be worse, guy I know was contacted by police as his property in Croyden had become a cannabis factory. Internals ripped to shreds.

Best of luck getting sorted

See far worse on ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away’.

Regardless of what she manages to do herself between now and the end of February, I’d send in cleaners to do a deep clean on March 1st.

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Human vermin are why I packed-in renting out, even though it hurt financially.
I’d rather have rats…
Do not in any way whatsoever get involved beyond making sure the tenant shapes-up or ships-out: the world’s chock-full of life’s basket-cases, they are bottomless wells of Need and self-absorption - black holes for your time, money and emotional resources. There is nothing you can do, you’re not qualified and not responsible.
Hope it’s resolved quickly and satisfactorily…



Channel 5 will be in touch shortly I’m sure…