There's a Rat in Me Kitchen

Oh, Deepest Joy,

A neighbor alreted me to a leak in the flat this morning, I contacted my tenant to tell them I needed to come over and check. She seemed a little offish on the phone but landlords are cunts…I get it.

Arriving at the flat I was met with a very sheepish tenant with all doors closed other than the one leading to the bathroom (Hopefully the site of the leak) Nothing obvious happening there so I thought it a good idea to check the kitchen and have a look at the sink / washing machine…Voila!



Bloody hell…

I know, she’s a thirsty girl. Coffee and an ear bud anyone? No? - Me neither.


How the fuck can anyone live like that.

Almost as many bottles as @anon14766838 's kitchen


Looks like she needs help. :frowning_face:


If you weren’t charging extortionate rent she could probably afford decent Whisky rather than that cheapo shit



Gutting for you.

I agree with Ritchie though, looks like she’s got problems (and a full recycling bin? :wink:)

Was this the lady that moved up from the ground floor flat?

Without doubt, I can see she is suffering and very unwell it poses somewhat of a personal dilemma.

Yes, it’s the first time I’ve been in for two years…There is a lesson in there somewhere

[quote=“Ruprecht, post:13, topic:8001”] somewhat of a personal dilemma

I can see this.

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She’s gonna need a bigger recycling bin.


Doesn’t seem like any damage though. Just her mind scattered everywhere. That can be cleaned up, no doubt.

Absolutely, I mean, Jacobite and Hardys :scream:.

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Having been though similar over and over again with the B&B just do what you can but be firm. If she is paying the rent then I would suggest sorting out more regular visits to make sure it’s cleaned up and stays that way. If after an agreed time it becomes a problem time for her to move on.


Blimey :grimacing:

She obviously needs help but that obviously doesn’t make any less of a personal bummer for you. Sorry to see this mess several different ways.

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I have given her until 28th Feb to clean the place up or she will receive 30 day notice. On a pastoral level I will investigate if she is willing / open to help.