These boots are made for walkin'

These are my Scarpas… my Scarpas are fucked.

They are nigh on 20 years old. Been all over. They were good for when I was scrambling around Glen Coe. Not so good for low level mainly softish terrain.

Any suggestions for a good pair of all round lightweight hiking boots? Don’t know if shoes would be a better bet. Any advice totally ignored as I already have picked a pair. :slight_smile:

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The only option for the Ginger Gent in the 21st Century is socks and sandals. You would have to be a muppet to consider anything else. I’m not sure fishnets and stilettos are right for you…

A pair that fit your feet! Get to a decent outdoor shop and try a few on. Presumably you want a less stiff pair - they will mostly be fabric with a membrane nowadays, but leather ones can still be had which may remain water-proof/resistant a bit longer.
Width, length and shape vary in both feet and boots. Then check reviews etc for comments on longevity, waterproofness etc.

Can’t go wrong with these, superb all round footwear.


I’ve had a pair of Gore-tex lined Salomon boots for 17 years. Very comfortable, lightweight and durable. I would stick with boots for the ankle support.

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Salomon here too, though I hear quality has dropped recently.
If you have scarpa shape feet Salomon are probably not for you.
Scarpa have a decent range, I’d start there if you liked the old ones.

Fool (yellow).

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Yer Maw and her slippers :fu:


The latest range that just hit the shop in Shetland is tempting


If you let me know your size I could always get you a pair

Saloman were bought by Adidas a few years back and the quality has really dropped.

I like Berghaus boots for general hiking, dog walking etc, lightweight, good goretex implementation, really comfortable and reasonably priced, especially if you go for last years colours. My last pair lasted 5 years and that was being worn 3 or 4 times a week for about 8 miles a go, not bad for a fabric/suede boot. But saying that, I’m not sure they’d last too many trips over Striding Edge.

Oh sorry, you’ll be needing these then.

My last pair were Asolos which lasted 19 years of heavy (all senses) use, including in some trying conditions over long periods in places like Panama, India and Iceland (yay! I namedropped them), and were forgotten soaking wet a number of times, retrieved as a plastic bag full of mold and revived.

I bought a cheapish pair from Mountain Warehouse, and the soles are well on their way to worn out in a year, and the uppers are cracking despite oiling. They are shit. Don’t buy them.

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Haven’t tried a pair on yet, but the Scarpa R-Evolution seem worth a look.


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How about these? Buy them now, and they should be fully worn in by the time panto season comes round…

They have an ingenious heel design that allows them to slide into sand ( which could be useful for you on your coastal jollies ) and come in plus sizes.

Been wearing Salomon shoes and Scarpa boots for years. Some Salomon shoes come up quite narrow though


You don’t like grey ?


These folks ( German shop ) have good deals on most of the time if you know your size in Scarpa and Salomon, amongst many others. Free delivery to UK on orders over 50 quid. The outlet section in their site is worth a look.

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Alt Berg, bought mine a year ago and consider them better than the Miendle Nepals I used to have. The fitting they offer at the factory is well worth it.