This can't be good


Do we have an impending apocalypse-style thread yet? Shudder to think what changes I’ll see in my lifetime, let alone what my kids will…

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


I agree with Hillman. It is not in our collective power to save the planet. We will carry on as we are; poisoning the air, the land and the sea.


It’s amazing to think, given that it’s entirely possible that Earth is the only place in this vast universe that life exists, that out of the billions of years since life began on Earth, the billions of years it took to get to that point, we might happen to be alive when all life ends.


It makes me feel sick to think that I have brought a child into this scenario.


I made 3! :wink:


I’m hoping to get a couple of bee hives delivered in spring. We see so few bees round here now even though we are well into the country.

The way we are going worries me tbh.


I went to a ‘Singing with Nightingales’ event last year run by the folkie Sam Lee.
A well as the music there were conversations with ornithologists and environmentalists.
They reckoned that insect life was 25% of what it was 20 years ago.
They pointed out that when you go for a drive in the country you used to be washing bugs off the windscreen on a regular basis. Now you don’t.


That’s one of the main problems :laughing:


I reckon it will struggle on until I am out of here.