This is just wrong


Lamborghini, makers of some of the most beautiful and mentally designed cars ever, enter the SUV market - I feel sad.


their previous effort was kwality


But it might be good value? :nerd_face:


They entered the tractor market a long time ago. :slight_smile:


It’s still better looking than the new Discovery.


they were doing this 40 years ago and have made SUVs on & off since then.


The company I work for once bought a Ferrari…

P.S. The cars were cheaper!


Haha, I actually like their previous offerings!


This one was being sold in 1990. they haven’t attempted to move the styling along much if at all!


I prefer that big chunky square styling.


I quite like it. 4l V8 twin turbo! not sure about the name though Uros.


Literally true as I’m sure you know.

Made 'em for many years before their first car, and still make 'em -


The Fenland Gallardo?



I really want one - just to bang-up and down the roads pissing off the real Farmings and get in THEIR way :+1:t3:


Just use your ride on lawnmower…


Indeed. He could put one of these on the front & no one would ever know.


You’re in Lincolnshire now. I’m afraid they might wonder what the bump was as they ran over you in one of these :frowning_face:.



Nothing cheeses other road users off quite as effectively as one of these

Just keep your fingers clear of those cogs. And be careful which bridges you choose to drive over.



Save yourself the outlay and just take your posh goats for a long stroll along the country lanes instead.