This is just wrong



This I imagine…

Which by the way I rather like.


That design has aged well, still looks contemporary, imo.



I was going to look at those on Autotrader earlier, just for lols.


Indeed to both.

Dat visibility tho.

Always fancied one as a bit of a garage queen to use on European road trips. They’re V cumfy.

Downside: is Renault.




A good friend of mine has had one for years, he loves it.


I quite like the French car design philosophy; “Make 'em practical but give 'em a twist”.

Their quality control and reliability ? :scream:


Really like that.


Love bus & Roadster


Two of those parked side by side would resemble a pair of wheeled slippers.


Coming to you from a Prancing Horse dealer nearby…


It was built by Matra. :smiley:


Does Porsche know Ferrari are going to stick a Ferrari badge on their SUV?



Just seen this in Ham. Bloody big.


Seen a couple in the flesh; I think they’re probably the nicer looking of all the inappropriate big money SUVs


Jackie’s pal drives a white one with a white interior. Feckin’ fugly car from the outside. I’m not brave enough to get into it with those two ladies so I can’t comment on the comfort levels of the seating. It positively screams neo-Cheshire though.


I think I might go and test drive one. Although I am muchly liking the Macan


Trading up from a Q5 to a Q7, whooo hooo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: