Thomas Schick

Does anyone have a TS 12 inch 305mm spindle/pivot arm, or had one? Looking for a mounting template, including engineering drawing of the three screw base. Also have a couple of questions on how the base works etc.

Will be mounting one on a twin arm plinth, rear left, like this.

Would appreciate a chat with anyone who has experience of these arms.

I think you made a rough template Bob when we were trying to do my 401, anyway assuming you don’t still have that, Coolgales have one on their site:

It’s just a fixed collet with a grub screw…

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Why not just ping Thomas?

I did, replies are taking a while.

Cheers, that looks easy, don’t have to worry about orientation of the fixing bolts , just get the PCD right.

Yep it’s pretty basic design- no orientation issues to worry about…

Ah, no worries.

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