Thorens TD124 mk2 + FR64s + Tenuto

Really need to clear some kit out so here goes.

Thorens TD124 mk2 TT + lacquered rosewood plinth + FR64s arm + PureSound Tenuto platter.

I stripped the motor, replaced the sintered bearings and gave it a good clean and oil. Have fitted new mushroom mounts and replaced the motor mounts with Hanze springs. Now gets up to speed very quickly plus the strobe is working.

The FR64s only comes with the heavier counterweight made by speedysteve and easily balances heavier carts like the Io Gold etc (Arche headshell or cart not included)

No tonearm cable as I’m keeping the AN one I was using.

Price for TD124 + plinth + FR64s + tenuto mat is £3000 cash on collection only (no offers and I’m not willing to split (yet))


Bugger you would decide to sell this after I’d bought another one :man_facepalming:

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You can’t go wrong with three of them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


33, 45 and 78?

yep plus 16

I could be interested in the Tenuto if you do split.

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Sorry, can’t sell it. Fucking thing thing sounds too good.


Cupid stunt

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I look forward to the ‘Might be setting a Pink Tria… no sorry’ thread next month. True bellendery is making sure you can have a at least two turntables running at once. It avoids the grief.

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And having the rack space for that impulsive third purchase :wink:

We’re talking about the trainers, right? :rofl:

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No, if it were the trainers it would be the impulse thirty-third purchase.

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Interesting headshell on the FR64S and nice aesthetic match. What is it?