Threads Gone


Has somebody deleted a few threads?


Ozzy deleted his cigar thread a while back, but no-one noticed (or cared) except him. Never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence. :smiley:

No others afaik


Standards are slipping with you mods. There was a time when a random act of carelessness deleted the whole site. Now, all we get is the accidental deletion of a thread full of photos of @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi (or @Jim, I can’t tell them apart these days :mage:) sucking on what looked like a boiled shite. Get yer acts together you wasters!



Mr. MWS’s ‘How to frot in a Turkish bath’ thread disappeared rather rapidly. Shame really, Stronzetto took several good hidings researching that one.


My “Show us your partner nude” thread also seems to have gone.


Damn shame I can’t ban a Mod :rage:


Oh, there was also the Great Cat Cull of 2017 :+1:


You’ve probably benefited more from that than the others! Particularly when referenced to your taste in music :laughing:


The great implosion was a master stroke.

I understood it as a spiritual reminder of impermanence floating on a wind of anarchic vitality. No point in keeping drivel alive too long and besides there is great symmetry in the slaughter house being slaughtered.
Can it be killed again only to rise as a deformed ex-audio lonely hearts column with car ads?


You mean like it is now?

I suppose they could change the fonts or something to appeal to potential newbies


All comic sans, all the time


I reckon that every time you start a post in the classifieds, 10% of your posts, randomly selected, should be deleted


…or every time you mention hi fi


10% of words from your posts would be even better




They’d likely make even less sense, lol. :smile:


You’re right


He’s right!


You’re also only the list. Family or not :rage:


Can we have a ‘new comer introduce yourself then fuck off’ sticky ?