Apparently this is being released on Blu-Ray shortly. Makes an ideal gift for your loved ones, perhaps a Valentine? :mushroom:

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Don’t you just hate threads with thread in the title


It’s the Threads thread. @MGOwner should consolidate it. :stuck_out_tongue:



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… forum collapses in on itself…


Christ… that takes me right back. Was terrifying at the time, although I can’t help feeling, if I watched it now, it would be quite wooden and amateurish.

I remember a series about a rabies outbreak about the same kind of time and that did put the beejeezas up me. Although I wasn’t allowed to watch it.

Famous for having an IMDB credit for “woman who wets herself” IIRC.

There was a post apocalyptic series called Survivors if memory serves. That was a grim watch about the after effects of some kind of plague.

A few years ago I drummed up the courage to watch it again. It’s absolutely horrific.

The paperback book from that, which I still have is one of the most depressing books I’ve read-nothing goes well and everyone dies pretty much, the more likeable characters anyway.

The opening graphics and music to the tv series used to chill me…