Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Went to see this with @AmDismal last night.

Absolutely brilliant. There’s a great tension between very, very dark and hilariously funny. A tale of violence, retribution, redemption, and general mayhem.

Reminds me of Fargo the TV series.


I liked the ending. As it approached, I was thinking to myself, “please end there. Oh it’s Hollywood, no chance” - and then it ended! Perfect.

It’s really good

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Glad to see your date went well, have you moved on to the next stage? :joy:

What do you mean, I already had my happy ending

Yep, I really enjoyed it too, a splendid tale of fucked up small town murcans…

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Enjoyed it too! Great film ! It deserved all the accolades it got …

I hope he was wearing fluid resistant gloves :open_mouth:

Just got in from watching this. If it doesn’t get the best film Oscar then whatever does had better be unbelievably good because this was fantastic.

Mrs VB watches too much crime drama though so when Dixon finds out he’s got the wrong man she reckoned there must be another 20 minutes at least and sneaked out for a wee. Bad mistake.



We went to see this yesterday.
I found it very upsetting. Those of you who know me well will know why.

The director had seen 3 billboards used this way and wrote the film with Frances McDormand in mind all of which gave it a real grounding.
Sometimes flims dont work on a flight, but this one did it for me.