Tidal -- £4 for 120 days

Was listed over on pfm but fill yer boots in case you haven’t seen it.



Have you managed to activate this on an existing sub, Chris?

No I don’t have Tidal currently so created a new account with an email address I haven’t used on Tidal before, I assumed it would detect my previous account and decline it.

I tried and it said I wasn’t eligible
Mind you I am on a 60 day free promotion at the moment

Just tried it by logging in with my old (cancelled) account email and it let me go all the way through to the payment section.

I assume you can’t have any subscriptions or trials running to sign up though.

OK, I guess I’ll continue lobbing £20 a month at the twats.

cancel it and resign, it’s gonna save you £76

I got round it every time with new email. Same payment card.
Recently it got smart.
I resorted to a relative doing it. You lose all your history. But it’s free.

Got a thousand Tidal albums in my Roon library so a bit of a non starter.

I rarely use it so it’s not worth paying for. Good for checking out a prospective purchase, but I have a back stock of records are the moment.

If amazon would integrate with Aurender I’d pay. They have hq tracks without the ridiculous MQA rubbish. And they always win, so I expect bigger and cheaper ultimately.

Your post is so full of non sequiturs, I’m not even going to attempt to unpick it.


Nice find. My 4 months for £1 deal has just ended and I’ve now signed up for a 4 month Hi-fi family deal for £4.
The kids are chuffed. :+1:

My 13 year old son has already discovered how to cast Gangsta rap to the CCA attached to the main system.

What have I done?


Brought him up proppa

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ODAC/EHP-02 and Sennheiser HD650’s…fuck me :dizzy_face:

(I did also listen to Innervisions master :P)

Signed up with family account, now getting bombarded from all sides :roll_eyes:

Attempted to setup in LMS and all appears good except no sound :frowning_face:

I may be stating the obvious in which case my apologies but sometimes the obvious is overlooked!
Did you see this in Roon Settings?