Tidal down?

Have now problems listening to Tidal through Roon, but can’t reach the www.tidal.com site either.
Any of you have similar issues or is it my network?

It is working here for me Rudi.

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All good here.

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Thanks for the swift reply Olan, will check then what’s wrong here at home.

Haha, funny! I have just had a bit of a problem but realised I wasn’t connected to the internet (doh!) so now it is fine. Is it because of an update I wonder…? Have you tried re-starting it? A couple of times previously I have had to re-start to install an update.

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Restart roon, I’ve been having problems with Tidal for a while now that are fixed after a restart.

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Hi all, thanks for all the swift responses.
Hope to be able to meet you again soon!


Maybe come over again for my summer bbq in July Rudy?

Thanks Jim, that would be luvvely, looking forward to that!
I could bring some chocolates again :smiley:

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It’s now up and running again!

What happened I dunno.
Restarted the NUC/Roon core about 6 or 7 times.
Ran virus scanners on NUC, laptop, tablet, phone.
Nothing helped until I deleted all passwords in internet explorer on both NUC and laptop.
Re-entered Tidal subscription data in Roon and all was well.
Thanks again for all your support!