Tidal Price Change

This was massively overdue. The most interesting point is that some on the higher quality account may want to degrade to get 16/44 for £11.
As they rightly say, this puts Spotify under pressure as Tidal Connect is now everywhere.

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As read it you pay less for the same (as hifi gets you now).

Tempting price. And even better if you can use the family 17 option. Anyone want to be my dad?

Tidal are twats for getting into bed with MQA so they can go fuck themselves.

Mind you it is possible to get Tidal for £1.50 per month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Degrade in that you might need to drop from the top tier. From reading it, they will still have the top tier which might leave people who have selected it paying the old price. The top tier having Dolby and 24/192.

Dolby? B or C?

Atmos I think

I’m actually seeing a few different versions of this and can’t see the original press release. This one states that the top tier goes. https://hometheaterreview.com/tidal-simplifies-subscription-model-merges-premium-features-into-11-plan/

I’ll stick to Qobuz, it’s only £1-2 more and they have more of the music I like. I also think Qobuz are a little less faceless than Tidal. I’ve never liked tidals lack of pricing transparency on their own website.

Right, I have the definitive answer. Tidal will reduce your price automatically and you don’t have to do anything, at least in the country that I am in. I just got an email from them telling me that they’re reducing it. I’m currently on the top tier plan. Hopefully this will apply in your country.

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This was the email I got.

Starting April 10, 2024, you will now get access to our music library in full lossless, HiRes FLAC, and Dolby Atmos sound for the same price you pay today of £10.99/month.
This is because we’re making it easier for everyone to enjoy best-in-class sound quality by combining our HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers into a single subscription tier called TIDAL.
You will see these changes reflected on your Subscription page at account.tidal.com on your first billing date on or after April 10, 2024. Thanks for choosing to be a TIDAL subscriber.