Timestep Tonearms by Groovemaster

Timestep have launched bespoke versions of the Groovemaster Banana tonearm in 9", 10" and 12". Very much fancy the 10" on the Sony one day.



Dave was at the Bristol show with them on his Technics. Opinion was divided on the 9" look

That’s really fucking expensive, £1450 and it doesn’t include cable or mount.

I’ve just bought a groovemaster II direct from AC with silver wire and a titanium arm for not much more than that.

Their standard one is only £1225 inc postage and includes the arm cable and mount.

Ac sell the external phono cable separately

Oh fuck it, just re-read the details and it says it comes with a 5 pin cardas which I assumed was the cable, that’s something else I’ve got to order then :frowning:


The Timestep arms are titanium by default.

Bloody hell my brain really isn’t working today.

(spent 7 mind numbing hours in a workshop today with senior managers more interested in empire building than actually doing something)

There’s a new Ortofon SPU due out shortly, the Wood A, which might be nice on the end of a T-610 on my Sony.

Have they almost doubled in price in the last couple of years, can we blame brexit?

Looks nice but I really don’t understand the use of the A shell meaning most users will need the adapter as well. You have to use the adapter with Ortofons own arms FFS.

It’s a shame they are not doing a Mono Wood A - they look lovely

Are we not due a centenary model this year to follow on from the A90 and A95 SPU models? Is this it or will there be a more expensive model?
The A does look gorgeous!

Still liking the look of these, especially the charcoal version…


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Bare in mind the Timestep one is Ti, standard GM is not. pricing is pretty similar like for like iirc

I also had a good chat with them at Bristol. Audio Creative make both tonearms in the same way that Jelco make AT and Ortofon arms. They’re broadly the same but there are differences.

In the end I went for a Funk arm and absolutely no regrets

Finally got a Lenco together for a punter. 12” Groovemaster looks, and sounds alright.

Wondering if I need a 10” on my Sony, or the cheap (£1.5k cheap🤦‍♂️) Glanz .

Corian (needs polishing) with Beech multiplex ply, battery powered DC motor and SPH top plate (PTP clone) for those that speak Lenco.