Titaniamus (other materials are available)

Been dreaming of Titanium frames to sustain the last decade(s) of my (cycling) life.

Checked loads out but grateful for any views and opinions on which are the ultimate as I might decide to buy one.

All titanium frames are porn but one of my current favourite frames is this;


Do they do it in Brown ?

That’s nice. Big bucks tho even for Ti

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I’ve got three

Lynskey helix for summer.
Planet X winter one with guards on.
Sabbath pro road which is a spare.

No paint. No worries. No chips. And DI2 on them.

Review of Lynskey:

Pros (lots)
Cons: not much


In Majorca with super light wheels to tackle the Puig. Cosmics on usually.
The bottle holders are ti, too.


Steel but a thing of beauty nonetheless

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Mamils thread.

Ti bottle holders… I’ve just cum.

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I also have a Ti bike fetish.

Mountain: started with a Cotic Soda. Broke that. Now have a Brodie Holeshot Ti. Lovely hardtail frame.

Road: Van Nicholas Yukon, now 10 years old, set up as a 1x10 XTR, flat bar commuter - my everyday ride. Plus a Van Nicholas Chinook with 2x10 Ultegra and some shiny Ti and carbon bits for dry summer pootling.

Looking at the VN website, they have a disc enabled road frame, the Skeiron. It comes with Easton carbon forks and is also £2099. Ouch!

Pig Iron daily thigh burner


Nice; as is this (in steel)

Bowman Layhams disc

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I did contemplate a titanium bike. Then I bought a Colnago C40HP with a mix of Chorus and Record.
Absolutely bloody lovely it is.

AHAHAHAHA!!! Foo Pushbikes! fuck_the_police66

One of the chaps I work with has a steel Freddie Grubb. It really is a work of art. He bought it second hand when he was 16. He’s now well past retirement age! He’s not long bought a decent Trek so it doesn’t get as much use now. It it wasn’t for the fact I’m a short arse I’d have had it off him.

I used to make jewellery out of ti - interesting material to work with.

Was interesting drilling my frame for DI2 (it wasn’t off the shelf ready).
My mate had access to some top kit and still went through two drill bits.

They do a kit with the wires external.


For the sake of three holes I’m going neat n tidy!