Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17th February

Just a little reminder that Tonbridge time is approaching rapidly - Sunday 17th February.

I’ll be there in my usual spot - come and say hello and buy some tat!

Only if you cover your table in a gold velvet. :slight_smile:

Eau de marantz nicco wafting

Is there coffee faff?

Plastic cup with a spoonful of Nescafé if you are lucky!

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not a pour over in sight - few sticky comb overs, maybe.

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Flasks and plenty of them and no doubt elastic banded bait boxes

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Actually the tea ladies’ home made cakes are usually rather spiffing. And they’re in the other hall from my stall, so I can scoff one down without Mrs. B finding out…

Had a really good day at the Tonbridge Audiojumble.
It was great to meat a few people in person from the AA.
Good day out.
A few bargains in there too

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So what did you buy then, Tim?

Just some Nabs for my R2R

Had a great day and a reasonably good sale so no complaints - car came home emptier and wallet came home fuller!

Purchase wise, I failed to resist a non-working monster Technics SU-9600 preamp for £40 and 4/7ths of a Yamaha 99 series midi system for £20.

Finally, as I was leaving, I spotted a turntable on an empty table near the door with ‘Free’ on it. Despite the fact that it was in grotty condition and is also a Connoisseur BD2, a deck which I loathe, it caught me off guard and somehow sparked compassion within me, so I rescued it.

Christ knows why…


So, in summary, good day will now be searching for 3/7th of a Yamaha 99 midi-system for the next three years. :wink:

Beobloke and the bloke who owns the other 3/7ths will be wandering around Tonbridge jumbles for the next few years both looking for what the other has and destined never to meet.

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Next time he will be sporting a Garrard SP25 in need of TLC. :joy:

The matching graphic equaliser is on eBay currently for five and a half times what I paid for the 4/7ths. Could be a long search…

I wouldn’t hesitate. Like all sensible people, I love an SP25!

I found an old Sansui deck of SP25 vintage the other day in very good condition, but I don’t think it was ever a world beater.

It was a SR222 MkII.
The tone arm looked quite sexy.

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