Tonbridge Audiojumble - Sunday 7th October

Just a little reminder that the next Tonbridge Audiojumble is looming temptingly on the horizon - Sunday 7th October. Event.htm

I’ll be on stalls 14/15 - do come and say hello!

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I always go. I notice they’ve changed the pricing structure this time.

Yes, I’m a bit concerned about that. Stall holders can’t get in until 8:00 and with the first punters coming in at 8:30 and Sainsbury’s officially now banning us from using their trolleys for loading, I suspect very few stalls will be set up and ready to go by then.

How was it?

Fine, actually. There were only a few 8:30 entrants and I got the impression that these were just people who would have normally sneaked in without paying as ‘helpers’. You can’t really blame the organisers for wanting to catch these people.

It was a good day, although not a huge amount of money was changing hands. I came home with a much emptier car, though, and only bought one turntable!