Tonearm recs

Hoping to get a 2nd hand tonearm in near future

Price under £200

Has to have detachable headshell and needs to have arm holder fixed to it. Also to be able to take 9g cart

Thought of possibly a jelco and maybe rega 200,but the anti skate belts always seem to be perished. Any others?

Acos made the RB200 their GST 1 may be on budget, and Audio Technica AT1005 spring to mind.

And Ortofon 212

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Are you without an arm atm, Stu? I can loan you something?

No have an arm Paul just want to upgrade the Technics one at some point in the future

Thanks for offer though

Ah, I see. No problem

Speaking of fingers, do guy have my Delta Inertia, Paul? Can’t remember…

Thinking about it,I’m not sure if £200 will be enough to get a worthwhile improvement over the one on the deck

Yes mate, do you want me to post it to you?

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No it’s fine, I just couldn’t remember!

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My thoughts too, tbh.

You need another FR54.

Did have a look,they have ramped the prices up to £3-400

World’s gone mad. I blame Brexit/Trump/Kim Yong Un

Seems like anything FR is going for daft prices atm.

BTW Paul that Orsonic H/Shell & my FR-1 turned up

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LOL, I’ve been fretting about that. I was worried I would find two!

Stu, would a Grace G-707 at £120 be of any interest? If so I’ll provide more details.

Thanks for offer Paul but needs to be detachable headshell and its own built in armrest. I’ll probably stay with what I have til I can afford a proper upgrade