Tonearm wanted

I’m likely to be in the market for a tonearm for some second TT fettling shortly so if anyone has anything available let me know. An AN1 would be nice as I’ve had one previously. I will be using a Shelter 501 which weighs in at 8g.
I have a Rega 200 but I think that would be happier with something lighter.

Origin Live Illustrious MkII - minty and boxed.

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Might be selling my helius aurum in a couple of weeks

Not sure if you are aware,but there is a thread at the back of the 200 where you can add a bit of weight

Used a 9g cartridge with the extra weight with no problem

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Nice looking arm

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Maybe I should give it a try first.

The OLs do look nice. Are they Rega fit Paul?


I’ll have to do some googling on the Helius. I don’t know much about them.

I’ve got an OL Silver mk2 knocking around somewhere

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That could be a contender. I’m going to wait till I pick up the TT in a couple of weeks and try the RB-200 first and see how I get on with that.

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