Tonearms fs

Couple of tonearms for sale before the bay

Helius aurum with cardas tags fitted by j7
Nice arm that I’ve used with nagaoka mp200 as well as Koetsu black,though the counterweights were at there limit
There is an earth lead on each of the rcas,both are bare wire

£200 posted

Fidelity research fr24s

Apparently it has silver wire in the tonearm.
Came in between the mk 1 and mk2
These didn’t have anti skate,so had to cobble a crude system together which I’d suggest the buyer does as even with the lightest cart,it would still beer off onto the label. Has both counterweights,original cheap looking tonearm lead and pressed steel type fr headshell.

I paid £300 plus postage from Japan

£275 posted

Any interest and I’ll put pics up tomorrow

The fr headshell if black


Are the arms still available Stu?

Going to hang onto the fr 24 for now,but the helius is still available john

Fr 24 now back up for sale.