Tools you have bought/desire


I thought we had a thread for tools bit can’t find it, must have been before the fire…

For years I have looked for a pair of Wiss cutting shears. I worked with a guy long ago who used a pair and they felt to me a clear level above any others I had used up to that point. Something about the leverage and precision of the blades, they also just feel balanced. Wiss still exist but don’t make cutting shears anymore, so the only way of getting a pair, is second hand. They are rare here anyway, Wiss is an American company and when you do see a pair, generally they are over sharpened and have had a life. Anyway, today whilst in an antique shop in Hastings, I found a pair! I knew what they were from 15 feet away. I couldn’t believe it when I got up to them, that they look like they have never been sharpened, or if they have, only lightly. They are probably 100 years old or more. I have never seen a pair without the makers name engraved on the blade. I bought them and now I have them home, I am slightly disappointed that they will need sharpening. They aren’t totally blunt but they push the cloth a bit and the last couple of mil at the tip they don’t cut at all. I now have to find someone skilled enough to put an edge on them without totally ruining the set of the blades. A dying art…

I took the pic in the shop…


Lovely picture too.


Lovely stuff. There is little understanding of the benefit of proper and/or well sharpened scissors.

Narelle was a hairdresser many years ago and her scissors have always been beautiful works of the art. Her favourite pair (certainly not cheap) were destroyed by some spaz who over sharpened them. After which the blades were never aligned properly.

Good scissors are under rated certainly. But the desire for the best tools for any profession is laudable.


I have quite a collection of tools. In fact if I am honest it is a fucking hoard! I have everything from needles to machinery. Nearly everywhere I have worked I have equipped every other fucker in the place. :angry:
These are the latest of six pairs of cutting shears…

I have just taken on a young guy (Strayan!) And he has an unbelievable collection. I’m not sure but I think he has about 50 pairs of shears! In amongst them he has an NOS pair of Wiss from the 60’s probably (the design is totally unchanged from the ones pictured) and they are soooo good. They will slice through even heavy fabric and you can cut around tiny curves easily with just the tips, even though they are something like 10 inches from your hand. I may have to kill him…


Your obvious love and enthusiasm for your craft (art ?) is always a real credit to you Ritchie,

I wish I had the same pride in my profession.


Not nearly as esoteric but I do covet Facom ISORYL screwdrivers, I like the way they feel. Also hand tools with wooden handles.


I like Facom tools too, especially their spanners and ratchets and sockets. I had some of their titanium stuff back in the 90’s, and it was just fucking gorgeous kit. It all got robbed a few years back when my garage got burgled. :cry:


I hope I am not boring. If I am honest, I spend all my time thinking about it, I am totally obsessed. Really excited at the moment, as I have a couple of young people who have recently started with me who are massively into it as well.


Far from it Ritchie, in fact, really refreshing.

It’s people like yourself who give me faith that the real craftsman and skills won’t die out. Love it !

No fuckin’ robot or AI will ever be able to do what you do.


This was delivered yesterday

A very old USA made Stanley Bailey No. 6 plane bought off eBay.

An hour or so working on it this morning and it is now cutting super fine translucent shavings from hardwood.

Very happy with it.


I did a stint working in Halfords when I was an A-level student. The Facom tools were housed in a display case like the crown jewels of toolery. I’ve been a fan since.


My youngest lad is a newly qualified car mechanic and he’s obsessed with quality tools too.

Some of the money he has paid for sockets, ratchets (feel the action on that dad) and cordless drills is frightening.


Recently a friend made up a little jig to assist with Garrard motor alignment. Nicely knurled locking nuts and non slip feet. Rudimentary to say the least but it’s been very useful.


Possibly for it’s improbable name but also as it’s a basic and handy tool… Thorens ‘Rumplemesskoppler’ (Rumble measurement device / jig)


I bet he can’t wait for the Snap-On van to rock up!


Mate, the amount he spends on Snap-On kit is legendary, he even got gifted their double Pewter Tankard Kit !


These people perhaps?

or these.


Thanks Guy, I shall try those, they both look very interesting, Ernest Wright particularly. I was hoping someone might come up with a pointer :+1:


Worth watching from the Ernest Wright site, “The Putter” . Fantastic.


That’s fab Ritchie.