Top 10 of 2021

Haven’t been so musically engaged this year for one reason and another. A few disappointing releases from som old favourites too. My favourites in no particular order apart from the number 1.

Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders - Promises
Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God
Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
John Grant - Boy From Michigan
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
Lump - Animal
Darkside - Spiral
Low - Hey What
Portico Quartet - Monument

Number one by a mile

An album Carole King would have been proud of. Stone cold future classic of the genre.


Birdy Young Heart

Got to say, I bought this on your recommendation and, to my amazement* I loved it.

*not sure our musical tastes have much of an overlap :grinning:

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I heard this for the first time today and it is very good.

It will not be deemed very cool, but it is perfection in its genre.

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Like I would be bothered by that :rofl:

At least it is an album by a non-dead person that I can appreciate :wink:

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I saw Birdy play live at the Paralympic homecoming concert and she stole the show. Agree with Mark this is probably my album of 2021.

Will come back here and report when I’m in the same place as my music and I can filter on release date :slightly_smiling_face:

Lady Blackbird - Black Acid Soul
John Grant - Boy from Michigan
Celeste - Not your muse
St Vincent - Daddy’s home
Silk Sonic - An evening with silk sonic
Public Service Broadcasting - Bright magic
Little Simz - Sometimes I might be introverted
The Bug - Fire
Madlib - Sound ancestors
Basic Rhythm - Electronic labyrinth


Listening to this while enjoying the lovely scenery of Long Bennington Co-op and annoyingly slow charging. Thanks for the rec, it’s lovely.


Tis rather good, thanks

This is my top 10 for the year in no particular order.

O.S.S. - Enter The Kettle
Cheval Sombre- Time Waits For No One
Cheval Sombre- Days Go By
Sedibus - The Heavens
Papir - Jams
Rose City Band- Earth Trip
Dean Wareham- I Have Nothing To Say To The Mayor Of LA
Dean & Britta- Quarantine Tapes
Sault - Nine
Ill Considered - Liminal Space

Near misses for
Mogwai - As The Love Continues
The Bug - Fire
Bobby Gillespie And Jehnny Beth - Utopian Ashes
Low- Hey What

In many ways this was a better year for stellar quality reissues than new LPs IMHO. CV-19 can’t have helped with the creative processes though…

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I don’t even have a top 10 this year, so -

  1. Spencer Cullum - Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection (wistful loveletter to 50 years ago; just dodges tweeness)
  2. Missy Mazzoli - Vespers For A New Dark Age (dramatic orchestral bleakness beautifully expressed)
  3. Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs (methadon’t mind if I do…)
  4. Dark Star Safari - Walk Through Lightly (unavoidable Dead Can Dance comparison goes here)
  5. Bojan Čičić / Illyria Consort - Fire & Fury From C18th Italy (Vivaldi, Tartini & Locatelli; technical perfection, perhaps a soupçon too much so…)
  6. Chai - Wink (Japanese girlypop daftness)
  7. Gaudi - 100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter) (crowbarring this in since it’s a] great, and b] my copy didn’t arrive until 2021)
  8. Afterlight - Afterlight (Thea Gilmore reinvents herself very much for the better post abusive marriage to talentless arsehole).
  9. Sault - 9 (Brilliant in places, self-indulgent in others; ‘London Gangs’ standout)

Just listened to this on Twatify - how can someone so talented, create something so beautifully produced and adeptly performed, and still manage to be forgettable? It’s a lovely thing, and I really enjoyed listening to it, but won’t need to again. :ok_hand:


I can’t pick ten - I have a list of about 40 !

Two to add that have not been mentioned upthread:

Matthew Halsall – Salute to the Sun (Live at Hallé St. Peter’s)

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (Live In Seattle)

No particular order

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Carnage
John Grant - Boy From Michigan
The War On Drugs - I Don’t Live Here Any More
Public Service Broadcasting - Bright Magic
O.S.S. - Enter The Kettle
Sedibus - The Heavens
Dean Wareham- I Have Nothing To Say To The Mayor Of LA
Dean & Britta- Quarantine Tapes
Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Feel like I am missing some.

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Apologies for such a long list but it’s been a bumper music year for me

Fire - The Bug
Natura Morta - Sven Wunder
Regrowth - Sampology
Black Acid Soul - Lady Blackbird
Septet - John Carroll Kirby
Souvenir - Maston
Light Patterns - David Horridge / Kevin McCormick
Overstand - Apifera
Lee Morgan - The Complete Live At The Lighthouse
The Milk Meet Scrimshire - The Milk
Peace Or Love - Kings Of Convenience
Celestial Greens - Vels Trio
Do What You Love - Trunk Records 25th Anniversary Compilation
Twinkles - William Benckert
Yello - Emma-Jean Thackray
Understanding (Live) - Roy Brooks
Live In Paris Archie Shepp
Course In Fable - Ryley Walker
Diptych - Growing
Disco E Cultura Compilation
Play - Electric Party
An Insight To All Minds - Kaidi Thatham
Never The Right Time - Andy Stott
Shade - Grouper
Notes With Attachmentds - Pino Palladino / Blake Mills
Deep Strand - Landon Caldwell
Time To Melt - Sam Evian
Flock Of Dimes - Flock Of Roses
Powers / Rollins Duo - Self Titled
Torrii Gates - Jeffrey Silverstein
Blanket Of Black - Kafari
Reverb Flow - Nicolie Binara
Love Suite - Contour
Infinity - Khan Jamal


PSB - Bright Magic (I wasn’t terribly sold on Every Valley, so this was a relief)
Blockhead - Space Werewolves Will Be the End of Us All
Fink - IIUII
Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee
Matthew E White - K Bay
Popa Chubby - Tinfoil Hat

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for me, so far and as usual most of the best stuff I’ve found this year wasn’t actually released this year
Moby - Reprise

Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1

Thibaut Garcia - Aranjuez

Andreas Schiff - Brahms Piano Concertos

Dream Theater - A View From The Top of The World

The The - Comeback Special

Cynic - Ascension Codes

Dvne - Etermen Aenka

Ministry - Moral Hygiene

My album of the year - Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Bloodmoon:I

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That turned out a bit heavy for Xmas eve morning listening :joy:


In no real order

Royal Blood- Typhoons
Public Service Broadcasting Bright Magic
W.H Lung- Vanities
Hayden Thorpe- Moondust for my Diamond
Martina Topley Bird- Forever I wait
Eliza Shaddad- The Woman you want
Mammoth WVH- Mammoth WVH
Sarah Jarosz- Blue Heron Suite
Marconi Union- Signals
Kosmodome- Kosmodome