Toslink cables

So I need a couple of them. Actually a toslink to toslink and a 3.5mm to toslink

From what I remember the biggest issue is wobbly connectors on the real cheapo ones. Was thinking Belkin at about £8.99 should do the job, but what about Amacuntz basics?

Kenable on ebay. Have lots and they all work.


eBay. Cheap as chips.

I’ve got some spare toslink cables. You are welcome to several for free.

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Even moar betterer. :smiley:

Shall pop over one day shortly. Could take the opportunity to demolish a Tomahawk?

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Secret code.

@htm_1968 “Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy, porky bites too?”

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Now you’re feckin talking

Supra ZAC - actual optical glass rather than polycarb, just the right amount of foo, about £20 a shot iirc.

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