Tour de Michael Winner?


Didn’t seem like a harsh decision, to me. Just what he deserved, if not a fine, as well.


Cav definitely out, broken shoulder :slightly_frowning_face:

I like Sagan - looking at whole incident on ITV 4 highlights leads me to agree that disqualification probably harsh - elbow up didn’t look good though.


Bad news all round. Two great riders out of the race.


Miguel Indurain


Just watched this on TV. Looked elbow to man to me.


Great win for Calmejane; loved the way he added to the tension by appearing to cramp up in the final 3k; seriously though, must have been agony.


What a stage that was. Horrible crashes for Porte and Thomas but an awesome job from Dan Martin to finish so well after being slammed into a wall by Porte. It was a good job it was a flat finish for Uran as he was stuck in top gear. Spectacular stuff from AG2R to liven things up on the first big climb; it nearly worked. If the attrition continues like this, there will be a fairly small number of riders that make it all the way to Paris in two weeks time.


Yes incredible rollercoaster stage: great shame about Geraint T and Porte - he, thankfully seems to be OK …relatively w/non displaced fractured pelvis and collarbone. From personal experience he should be back riding in a couple of months.

Why they helped Froome at the end I don’t know.


Self serving, all looking to pull time on rivals, still early days.

Aru looking strong though still a Sh*T… Quintana the same and good to see the stuffing knocked out somewhat, fair chance he’ll recover in time for the mountains in the last week. Shame Contador isn’t looking strong, one to many??

Never seen Riggo so animated before, the interview after with JAF was a peach, would be good to see Cannondale mount a bit of a challenge.

Sad to see G go, Froome will miss him badly which may not be such a bad thing from an entertainment point of view. Porte… what can you say, you make you’re luck?? Not sure what he’s done to deserve the pittance he’s seen in recent Tours. Get well soon both.


I agree regarding Aru and Quintana - can’t abide either of them.

It does look as if Contador is maybe only able to go for stage wins now rather than the GC which would be a shame as there doesn’t really look as if there is a serious contender to Froome unless Dumoulin can continue to improve.

I would like to see Froome try the Giro - I have enjoyed the Giro and the Vuelta much more than the TdF of late.


Optimistic for Dumolin, despite the health issues at the Giro he still beat a motivated Nibali and Quintana. TDF should suit him better than the more relentless hills of the Vuelta and Giro?? Now he’s proved himself there’s a good chance he’ll go to a team with greater GC ambitions that can support him properly, hope so.

Can’t see Froome going to the Giro any time soon, he’ll be wanting to nail his name into the history of the Tour first.

Interesting to see Landa up into the top 10, wonder if he can take up the mantle and ride strong to the end, Sky will want a second option


Your probably right about Froome - reminds me of Armstrong only in that he only seemes particularly interested in the TdF.

I really like Dumoulin and have high hopes for him - superb in the Giro and I hope he will go for the TdF next year he would certainly make a race of it.

Sky have such strength in depth so I would be surprised if Landa doesn’t push for a podium now.


The big guns only have eyes for the TdF, the one event in the year that all teams pick their strongest riders albeit the odd contender will sometimes bail and focus on another GT. The money and kudos is all there.

I’m with you on Dumoulin, little doubt he’ll be riding the Tour next year if fit.


Good race today - tension massive before that last, brutal climb. It’ll be fascinating to see if Froome can come back tomorrow - it’ll be hard for him though, now that Aru and the others have scented blood


I expect tomorrow to be full on from the off - Sky will be in full effect and Landa looked strong at the end of today’s stage. Should be excellent viewing.


It looked like a wall :stuck_out_tongue:


The race suddenly got interesting. I was getting bored of what seemed like another Sky procession.


Why the negativity towards Froome & Team Sky?

Just askin’


Great finish today. It’s really livened the race up. I still think the others need at least a minute lead before the last time trial.


Apathy, not antipathy. Nothing against Sky or Froome. When there is only one team dominating a grand tour, I find it boring and lose interest in the GC.