Tour de Michael Winner?


Ok, so you’ll be happy now that he’s/they’ve got some competition I guess.

Fair enough

Personally, I hope he wins and goes on to set more records for British cycling in The Tour.


The plot thickens. Eight within 2:07.


That’s more like it. A few riders in the mix now.


There are some suffering riders out there

Dan Martin still clearly suffering from his crash a few days ago

Jakob Fulsang still riding with a fractured wrist :upside_down_face:



He surrendered but still a superhuman effort


Cheers Paul missed that he pulled out :+1:-

They’re totally mental - I fractured both my elbows coming off my bike years ago and couldn’t do a thing for weeks let alone ride a bike.

I see Richie Porte says he hopes to be back on the bike in about 4-6 weeks !


He’s a battler, the way all these guys deal with pain is another level.

GC sure is interesting, Froome not looking invincible. Expect Sky’ll put Landa up the road again at some point today and force Aru to chase


It’s quite possible - I had a non displaced pelvic double fracture before Christmas and reckon I could have started riding in 6 weeks - walking briskly was however another matter…

Fuglsang was incredible even to give that a go - he was clearly in agony, which is bad enough but to then have to do those climbs is beyond commitment - chapeau.

I must admit I’m now a bit unclear as to what Sky will do - will they make Landa support Froome or let him have a shot at a podium place?


It’s a bit like Froome and Wiggins all over again - wonder if Sky having seen it all before will affect how they handle Landa, who is looking stronger than Froome when it gets steep? Fascinating!


I can’t believe Sky will allow anything other than total support for Froome until either the race is won or he has a very bad day.


That’s certainly the party line after today’s race, but I think they were keeping options open


Well of course they will keep their options open, but Froome will get the opportunity to win before Landa, won’t he?


Froome’s TT prowess will see him over the line in the end




Awesome recovery from Team Sky to bring Froome back to the other GC contenders after a puncture during an accelerated climb driven by AG2R. Some useful seconds gained by Martin following his break near the end especially as he is still obviously having a lot of problems following the crash with Porte earlier in the week.


One of the best days racing I’ve ever seen engrossing - David Millar on ITV 4 is a brilliant expert commentator and hasn’t missed a beat explaining all the tactical moves as they happen


My mate loves his commentary as well but he really really gives me the dry boak - I have read his book and that done the same :rofl:

Missed this as I was working - typical. Look forward to the highlights tomorrow :+1:


I’m really looking forward to the next couple of days - three riders within a minute of Froome in GC over some brutal mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Froome and Landa as the top two after Thursday.


Really strong winds forecast for tomorrow apparently so echelons, panic stations and more time gaps - could make for a great days entertainment :+1:


And there is the little matter of the Col du Galibier on stage 17 to really sort things out.