Tour de Michael Winner?


Future GC Roglic (hoping 27 yr old ski-jumpers can make it), future KoM Atapuma.

Four contenders within a minute, one big mountain stage to go. :face_with_monocle:


Last big mountain day, and still three within thirty seconds!

Done and dusted?


It’s not won until Paris but baring anything dramatic, I think he’s safe. I don’t think the route has suited Froome this year and I don’t think his team has been as strong as the last couple of years but he’s still in the yellow jersey.


It has been a great few days of racing, nip and tuck, so to speak. Barring a wobble in those pointy Pyrenees, Froome has looked solid if unspectacular. The time trial will be gripping!


I wouldn’t rule out Uran doing something in the TT he looks in the form of his life especially evident today when he closed a big gap to Froome seriously quickly - that rattled Froome and he has to defend a slim lead now. For Uran it’s simple; he has to give everything he’s got to possibly win the TDF. Betting man would go Froome though.





I was willing Froome to catch Bardet at the end.


Me too.

Booing in the velodrome was ironically sweet. Just shows how good he is and how much he gets under their skin :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Good tour overall.

Bardet has been brilliant and deserved his podium place. He also spoke out against the disrespectful booing which is aimed as much at Sky as it at Froome - Bardet sadly was also sick yesterday apparently. The French booers ought to be looking to the future as they have a new generation of brilliant young riders coming through.

But still, Froome sweeping into the stadium chasing down Bardet, underlined just how ‘complete’ a rider he is, (despite his style on the bike ‘a spider fucking a paper clip’).

Landa will be disappointed but will have a chance for a podium place or better next year - well impressed with him this year.

Suspect Matthews will get it today.

Quintana biggest disappointment?



This has been the most exciting Tour of the last few, but I’m delighted for Froome - he really is the most complete racer at the moment. Next year looks great in prospect as well, from the hints we’ve seen this time…


So tight on time, even Sky will have to be at the top of their game to make it one more…

Well done, Chris. The ultimate jersey in sport.