Transformer ID - Any ideas?

Recently picked up a Williamson Mono with an unfeasible power supply - I’m guessing it dates to mid 60’s - Anyone have any info on the ‘FP Manchester’ transformers?

They are quite a lump and were also used in a different BTH power supply I have - (They were both from the same BTH engineers estate)

Only transformers I know of from Manchester look like this.

Wynn's Pacific 6x6 heavy duty prime mover Reg No GDW 277 'Dreadnought' on the A62. by Paul Anderson, on Flickr
I know as my mum worked for Ferranti.

Now not much use in amps although I am sure Coco would give it a go.

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Ferranti-Packard was a thing but I think Ferranti always seemed to be careful to ensure their products were ‘branded’ quite obviously judging by the images I googled. The dates also don’t seem quite right and as an alliance they were mostly operating in Canada to begin with.

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@Valvebloke ?

I’m sure Graeme’s associates on the vintage wireless forum would likely know.

This would be most useful

Are you sure it’s an audio amp PS?

Ferranti were bought by ICL and made computers in Manchester from the 60’s onwards. The old 60’s card machines and mainframes used to have some scary big power supplies.

The top Williamson Amp is certainly audio (Mono). The bottom BTH may have been a factory PA type affair?

I see English Electric is also on there.

Also known for these beauties.



May be something, BTH also made trains

Is it Optimus Prime?

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Similar in weight

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Indeed a number of the first 25kv locomotives in the UK where BTH along with English Electric and Met Vickers.

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I’ve asked



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Well they’ve found your answer - it’s Ferguson Pailin. Mostly known for high power distribution equipment, but they would certainly have been able to turn their hands to small transformers if they’d wanted to. Lawrence over on The Other Place is a veritable goldmine of vintage info.



Wonderful information many thanks Graeme it seems FP were owned by BTH

" BTH had been in the process of buying Edison Swan (Ediswan) and Ferguson, Pailin & Co, with AEI (BTH) completing the purchases in 1929. Howard C. Levis, chairman of BTH from 1916, became chairman of AEI in 1928, retiring the following year"

Curiously BTH also owned MAZDA (The valve Mazda)