Traser P66 Tritium dial watch

Specifically, Traser P66 Type 6 MIL-G (sap) model# 100269 … (You can tell Traser have military roots…)

This is Traser’s currently-unavailable, sterile dial offering for the US military - I don’t know if these were issued, but they are not the usual PX fodder, and conform to MIL-PRF-46374.

Naturally, having decided I wanted one, they proved unobtainium, so I ended-up importing one from Latvia - brand new and mint, but also top-whack and with another 30% on top for duty, handling, fees, etc. It cost me over £420.

Being an idiot I also bought another Traser (P99) at the same time, and because I don’t like that one as much, I wear it all the time… So this P66 has been on my wrist a grand total of three times… Madness - I really like this watch, to the extent I don’t wear it for fear I’ll damage it… :crazy_face: So it’s basically mint.

It’s a composite case - a stainless steel housing held in a really neat open-worked carbon fibre frame, with a bidirectional ss bezel and a screw-down crown. The crystal is a flat sapphire with AR. It’s powered by a Ronda quartz movement. The Tritium markers ensure all-night visibility, while the brilliant daytime legibility is unmatched by anything else I’ve ever owned. The build quality is really excellent - this isn’t a toy.

Diameter: 45mm
Depth: 12mm
Lug width: 22mm (drilled lugs, too)
WR: 200m

So it’s not a small watch, but due to its comparative lightness, flatness, and lack of excessive thickness, it’s very comfortable and wears smaller than the numbers suggest.

Full set with box, papers &c , plus its top quality and entirely unworn NATO strap.

This can be yours for £225 inc UK RMSD. More than happy for F2F if you fancy collecting in-or-near S. Lincs.


I had one, it’s comfy to wear, and great at night when you’re tucked under the duvet wondering how long it is before you have to get up, but can’t be arsed to put the light on. Always easy to read.

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