Tree suggestions

Or fancy shed, totem pole or whatever but the last bit of directly overlooked in our nearly finished garden refurb is to fill this hole looking at the neighbours door

Current plan is a laurel that we can but and plant in November and shave it clean just below the fence line and grow out in a flat bottomed 3/4 round shape

Any ideas

Laurels are great. Ours provides good shade for a table and seats as you can force the branches out horizontally as well.

If you want just vertical then a pleached tree, many available including Laurel , could be a good solution.

This one is Hornbeam at a nursery

Laurel’s a good idea for evergreen reasons, and if you want a laurel, get one that’s useful - i.e. a bay tree - even if you just use the trimmings as room scenters. The occasional freak winter may kill it back - minus 17 in Jan 2007 killed one of mine back to the ground: it was back to the same 20’ height in under 2 years.

The other old faithful is privet - you can cut them into any shape you like, and they’ll reach 20’ in time if you let them. They’re a native species, so good for wildlife all-round - cut them every other year and they will flower in-between, and the flowers are loved by bees and moths, the little black berries are good for birds, and the dense structure of the plant is beloved of many birds for nesting in.


Yep we have effectively pleached the lime trees you can see in the pic, you might recall bob they were huge but cut them back and trained them along the fence last winter and it’s worked out pretty well for cover from next door

We now have this patio that is completely private (before the garden was pretty much unusable

Privet isn’t a bad call as would match the hedge, could do some creative pruning and it grows like wild fire plus cheap

Laurel is great. Easy to maintain, cut back at the end of the season. Birds love it. It’s pretty indestructible.

I planted ours 38 years ago, the sweet chestnut planted at the same time, brought home in my Vauxhall.