Triangle Antal ESW

I bought these in 2020 from Alan Brown on pink fish. I believe they used to belong to Jampal. I’ve very much enjoyed them but it’s time for them to go to a new home. They’ve been modified / improved by replacing some parts of the crossovers.

The original boxes are in my old garage. As long as the mice haven’t eaten the boxes I will retrieve them.

I’m in Cardiff but work in Bradley Stoke, Bristol twice a week. I can leave them in my office for easy collection.

There is a very similar pair on ebay for £600.



I did the mild upgrade to the xovers of these - probably about 20 years ago. They’re cracking speakers with or without it.

£600 is a bargain, £300 is basically a charitable donation to some lucky bugger’s hifi system. The current equivalents are £3,000 and will be at most an incremental improvement.

I’d have them in an instant if you weren’t a 12 hour round trip away.


So would I

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I’m looking at bits to sell to buy these

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Also worth mentioning that being front-ported their bass output is less prodigious than their size might suggest, and this means that room integration is much easier and more flexible than one might expect.

Do hope they’ll go to a forum regular.


Thanks for all the kind comments / interest. These are now sold.

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