Trilogy 958 mono block power amps

These need to go, let me know if youre interested and ill send some pictures, they are nice looking things and ive had them serviced by graeme a couple of years ago, if they sell here for £1700 ill throw £100 at the site.

i also have the trilogy 918 refence dual mono pre amp that i might part with


What you getting ?

nothing at the mo… though i am in line for something from coco at some point


What speakers are you on

the tune primes

Your more than welcome to borrow the Sony es. Not quite the same league, but will give you music

thanks stu, but i have two pass labs clones and and a pre

which reminds me @MrKettle i need to return your power amp from loan.

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Ok, not sure where I will put it here…

i can keep hold of it for now till you find somewhere ,no issue

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I noticed your ad for he 958’s. Can you tell which 3 tubes are in the driver stage?
Also i might be interested in the 918 preamp you mention. Do you have pics from that en please quote me an indication of your asking price.
Cheers, Robbert aka rosaluna.