True detective series 3

Watch the first two of the above.

As was the first . Quality all round.

Must sleep

You’re telling me!

It’s ok. I don’t see the big fuss. The ageing detective lark is all a bit odd.

I’m almost sure I know who has done it.

If I was watching a tailoring drama, I would feel like killing myself. Maybe you should watch cooking shows or something! :rofl:


Son or wife? :grin: *

  • realise son is unlikely but he’s definitely involved with tv woman

No spoilers please, I quite fancy this. The first one was mostly excellent. Mahogany and that bloke from Cheers were compelling. It only fell apart when the ridiculous baddie appeared at the end :roll_eyes:. Series two was wank but I’m prepared to forget that if this has some of the story, narrative and acting of the first.

Exactly this, I’m hooked after two episodes.

So yes no spoilers, I reckon I’ll be up to date by tuesday

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As with the 1st series, there are some quite good blogs online which highlight exactly how much you’ve missed if you only watch each episode once. It seems that almost every detail is significant.

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Vanity fair is always a great place for tv write ups.
You have to be aware that series like this love the online speculation and I’m sure they tip off some journos with red herrings deliberately.

There are any number of subtle plants dropped in to fool. It’s stabdard nowadays with the internet culture.

But I suspect you are close MJ without repeating your guesswork.

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Not sure now. After ep5 various other possibilities have appeared.

Classic red herring and false lead.

We know it’s got something to do with somone who appeared on the tv… but it’s not Dad (is he even dad!)