TT upgardes


They are also releasing a 9" model that differs from the time step


Yes, TS is ti as standard along with silver tonearm wires, the GM does look lovely and that TT is very special!

The issue for me is the spindle to pivot distance is one of the key differences between the arms, the GM is longer. TS have made each of their sizes a drop in replacement for Jelco’s meaning in my case I don’t have to faff around having a new arm board made.

Ruprecht, is that your TT? (noticed the weight), looks like a Koetsu on the arm, I’d be interested to hear if you or the owner had had experience of other carts on the arm.


I’ve had the IO ltd, Spu’s and other heavy rakes on there. I would say a few customers are using the GM with Hana’s and they seem happy.


That’s good to know, many thanks