Tube guru

Anyone know anything about these,they are made by Tube guru.Found them on e-bay.

The appear to use GM70 tubes and… err… nope, that’s it.

Their web site is quite mad.

Needs sexy rubber nozzles

Advertising will put some off but I like mad.

Meters are too small.

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Yer found there web site,which does not give to much away.Not much about them on the internet although i did find a review of the phone stage they do where the reviewer claims its the best hes ever heard better even than the Kondo.Shall keep looking theres just something about it that looks right.


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Ok thanks for pointing out my deslexia.

Your wilcum

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How much are they,can’t find them on ebay



3,999.00 Euro.

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You need to search for tube amplifier (worldwide)

Holy fucking shit.

Holy fucking shit it looks like it might be decent?

Holy fucking shit it’s over £3k for an unknown quantity?

Holy fucking shit the internals look a bit complicated and as though they might kill you?

Or all of the above?

It’s Mark. It probably means something a million miles away from what you’re thinking :grin: