Turf dilemma

I have a patch of grass at another house that needs mowing and I don’t get enough time to get over there and do it, so I’m going to get someone in to do it over the summer.

I’ve no idea how much it should cost so it’s hard to evaluate any price that I’m offered.

Any guide price based on about 35’ by 20’ ?

(Obvs I could AstroTurf it instead)

Cheapest, is to see if you can find a neighbour, to do it. Take him 20 mins, £10?
Anyone who has to travel, and bring a mower, is not going to be cheap.

Neighbours are elderly and have hard landscaped their gardens unfortunately.

Can you leave a small mower, on site, so a young lad, could come round, and do it?
Do you have an external power point available?

Yeah. Leave the gear on site. Cut it yourself, see how long it takes then maybe ten pound an hour labour for anyone who wants pocket money in hand.

Gardner would be lots more.

It’s half hour to do that. It’s the travel either way that takes the time.

I used to charge approx £15 - £20 when i was doing gardening some years ago for an average size garden.

Also depends if you need cuttings taken to dump each fortnight.

get a robot mower. Bit pricey, but if you are short of time

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Always knew you were a professional gardener :smiley: