Turntable double whammy - FML

I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

The start stop switch on my Sony TTS-8000 stopped working on Thursday of last week. I’ve found the correct person to do the work thanks to a recommendation from Beobloke and the chap who is doing the work assures me the Sony is fixable.

On Friday I bought a Roksan TMS 3 with DX2, DS1.5 and Artaxerxes phono stage. It arrived today and the plastic nut for adjusting the sub plinth tilt is welded shut and can’t be moved. The dealer is willing to either refund me or ship it to Roksan for repair. I’ve packed up the deck ready to go back.

My original idea was to use the TMS 3 while the Sony was away and then decide which to keep. Now, I don’t need to be the owner of two expensive broken decks and am tempted by the full refund option.

The TMS 3 was one of the last to be built. Total RRP new was £11,800. I think I bought it at a good price at £3250 including the phono stage which was an £1800 option when new. It was unmarked but suffered some minor chipping to the left of the motor in transit to me. See pic below. It is hidden when platter is on.

Does anyone here think that it is worth the hassle of waiting to get the TMS 3 repaired? It may be away as long as the Sony. I bought it hoping it would be an upgrade over the Sony and if it wasn’t I thought I could sell it without taking too big a hit. What do you folks advise? Is the TMS 3 likely to be a major upgrade over the Sony and therefore worth holding on to? I’m fucking pissed off and could use some sensible advice. Repair or return?

My advice, get your money back, you sound like you will never be happy with the TMS. Get a cheap TT as a back-up to the Sony.

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Of the two t/t’s I would personally prefer to own the Sony.



Get the refund and start looking again.


I don’t know the Sony at all. I have lots of experience with the Roksan and it is an excellent deck which appears to be a very reasonable deal given the specification list.

Personally, I would have the mechancial issues repaired by the dealer first before I did anything and take being without a deck on the chin for a period of time, annoying though it is.

Once everything is working properly the dealer needs to sort the cosmetic damage to your satisfaction. If he won’t agree to that I would walk away immediately.

Similarly, if the cosmetic damage can’t be put right I would look for a refund as knowing the damage was there would give me the yips in the long run.

Lastly, buying a cheapo to tide you over is a poor idea. Can’t the dealer whose poor packing caused the issue lend you a deck as a good faith gesture (stupid question probably but…)?

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If you were somewhere near me you could borrow my biscuit tin Systemdek.


Dunno but I’d love to have a Sony TTS-8000 :heart_eyes:. That’s the biotracer linear tracker isn’t it? Lovely deck.

You can get some very nice TTs for £3K.

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For me, the Sony would trump the Roksan.

Bin off the Roksan, in your mind it is already damaged goods and beg / borrow or steal an OK deck until you can get the Sony back.

Thanks for all the sound advice gents. It was very helpful.

Bob, thanks very much for the offer of your Systemdek. It’s very kind of you but I’m in Glasgow.

I’ve phoned a friend and he has offered me a Mantra and an Eroica to use. I just need to find a RB250 for it and I’ll be up and running. He’ll buy the arm when I’m done with the deck.

My inclination is to return the TMS 3. I thought it was a great chance to try a top belter as I’ve never had one and both the dealer and my friend thought it likely to better the Sony.

Now I just feel I don’t need the stress of two broken decks.The money that went on the TMS had been earmarked for Townsend Seismic speaker bars for the Lockwood Majors and RFC external x-overs for the MG15s. I’ll revert back to that plan once the Sony is back.

Wayne, this is the TTS-8000

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If you fancy a swap, I would consider this, it’s being sold by a longstanding PFM Wigwam member.

Yes I saw that. I’m not a fan of the looks and prefer the appearance of the black Clarity dual I posted on the ebay thread. I also worry that it’s been slow to sell despite being such good value. You mentioned earlier that there were some good decks at the 3k mark. Just out of curiosity what did you have in mind?

You seem hell bent on replacing the Sony. Where do you think it can be improved?

Or, do you just want a belt drive?

Sorry, got confused with my 800’s / 8000’s :slight_smile:️ For some reason I mixed it up with this -

But yours is Sony high end.

Honestly I’m not. I’ve never been remotely interested in belt drives. I was just curious and my friend really rated the TMS. It seemed to be the right thing at the right time at a good price.

The Sony is my dream deck and, if it hadn’t gone on the blink I wouldn’t have considered another deck. Now that the TMS is going back, I’ll just wait for the Sony to get repaired. My friend’s Mantra will do in the meantime. I very much doubt I’ll look for another deck once the Sony is fixed. I’ve been delighted by it’s performance and I was sceptical that the TMS would be an upgrade.


Very good. Carry on.

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You will be hard pressed to better the Sony at anything approaching ‘sensible’ money, be it direct, idler, belt, mag or fairy dust drive.

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Unless, of course

you find a bargain one of these



I would look for a Kenwood L-07T or the Sony broadcast lump above if you were looking to change. A Pioneer P3a is nice but too much.

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The PS-X9 and L-07d are both stunning decks but I like the fact that the TTS-8000 can take any arm.