Turntable shelf info


Has anyone tried one of these?

I’d want to put a full Gyorbe on it (the one with the full
perspex case). It says it’ll support up to 25kg, which should be enough. It would be hung on a plaster board wall.

James uses one

Can’t see that it wouldn’t work. However, the support cable may interfere with cuing.
It may require a “reach around”.

You can have those shelves custom built to accommodate larger or weightier pieces of kit if necessary.


Oooh, saved to Favourites :+1:

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The fixing to a plaster board wall bit would worry me.

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Call Adam, nice chap. He had a bespoke piece of perspex made for my TT and it is tested to 25kg maybe more. You’d need to get opinion on the wall obvs…

Cables on these are well out of the way of any cueing* as they sit outside the deck.

*note spelling

If vibration isolation is the aim here, plasterboard walls may cause some issues

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I’d try and get 3 of the 4 fixings into timber if there are noggins at 1.2m. Of course that would determine your height for the tt

Depends on the TT, surely ?

I’d say not but worth checking of course; the cables form a triangle with the wall so the pivot of an arm and lift are always be in the widest space of that triangle so cables aren’t an issue.

The Facebook page shows a fair variety of TTs


I think the bottom plinth of the TT would be too wide. I will check.

these are also very useful to have in your tool box: https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-plasterboard-fixings-metal-25mm-100-pack/69132

Yes. Ive got some of those, plus a plstic version plus tbe spring clip type. I find that the drilling of the hole is key. Get it done neatly and the fixing works. If the drilling doesn’t go neatly the fixing never works 100%. Also, the first one you do is often not as good as the third or fourth.

I’ll contact them and see if they can do a wider shelf.