Turntable Wall Shelf

I am going to mount my T/T on the wall. Any recommendations?

Get some-one else who knows what they’re doing to do it instead :slight_smile:

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you’ll need to be drilling holes

sorry I got distracted, that drill bit is too small - this is better

I could not do anything like that I will hire someone.
I was thinking HiFi Racks in black.:nerd_face:

I’ve got a sensible one… chap over at Cyrus unofficial makes them.
His stuff is good. If it’s not on eBay, what you want isnt an issue as he can custom change anything. So have a look at eBay and message him?



Making room for The Coco Supremo Dave ?

On the lookout, myself. I quite like that.

Making room for the Supremo III :smile:

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Will check it out.

I was with him at that show that was on recently near melton. Showed me some tannoy he had recased.

If you say I recommended you I’m sure he is open to bespoke woods and colours. And maybe a good deal.

I’ve sent him a message to find out what the standard plinth dimensions are. It would be a good idea if he made those a standard part of the item description.

His stuff is all negotiable.
The eBay adverts are just to get you talking. Spec is open to you.

In a way. With the T/T on the wall there will be more room. I am moving the speakers down the other end of the room (just bought 30 feet of speaker cables!) and I will sell my TotalDac Dual DAC and Reclocker to lessen the box count.

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He must have a core, standard product though. I can’t imagine he’s doing custom frames for every sale.

I should think the metal frame will stay the same with the size of the wooden top to suit your requirements.

It’s quite similar to the Target shelf I have the Kronos on.

Are Target still going Jim?

There does seem as though it’s well made and worth the price but a lot more

It’s a hobby. He does the naim size racks and this was a recent addition, and I recall him asking for feedback.

It’s not his day job, so stuff is often by request. He has tinkered with all sorts of designs. Does headphone stands and even worked on a Hugo stand for the device to sit better in a home system.