TV recommendation for parents (i.e deaf, old and tight fisted)

Can anyone recommend a TV with good sound for the parents who despite constant denials are going deaf.

Max of 48" and 4k is nice but not critical as they are on Freeview and only occasionally watch HD stuff on Netflix. They are now complaining the Samsung they currently have sounds terrible and cannot hear what people are saying.

Also no soundbars as they don’t want something like that attached to a TV or plonked on the unit (the TV is currently on an arm that folds away when not in use)

Budget up to £800 (yes I know the £800 would be better spent on hearing aids)

Sounds like a decent soundbar might make more sense. You can point out that flatscreens are inherently compromised from a sound perspective due to the lack of space for speaker excursion.

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should have also said no soundbars as they look horrible

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Most new super flat tvs all sound shite. Sony is probably the best of the bunch. If wireless headphones are out of the question maybe this if you can hide the base unit away somewhere.

Look into the sound modes. It’ll probably have a clear voice option or something that might fix the problem.

already tried all that stuff, it’s the same TV I had about 10 years ago and does have shit sound. I originally got a soundbar for mine.

deaf, old and tight fisted


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