TV sound out of sync

I have my TV connected to my system via optical/DAC/phonos into amp. Everything is fine except Amazon Prime Video where the sound is out of sync, it’s in synch through the TV speakers though. WTF? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Sound travels slower than light.:+1:

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Gerfucken, obvs ! :man_facepalming:

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Have you checked the VTA?


Is Prime played via a Chromecast or is it a smart TV? Can you try Prime via a different source, like a set top box?

I would simply just buy the video of what you want to watch.

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It’s a smart TV working off the wi fi.

Sadly it’s not available on Betamax :face_with_head_bandage:

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And iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix etc work ok played via the app on the TV? It’s just Prime that’s fucked?

Yes just Prime, but it works for using the built-in TV speakers :roll_eyes:

No idea then. Maybe use a Chromecast or something for Prime?

I will try it with a Chromecast, it just seems to defeat the object.

I sometimes have issues with a prime in the iPad. If I exit to the main screen and then go back in and resume, it’s out of sync. Pausing and unpausing sorts it. Obviously a big.

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I had a similar issue when i plugged my telly into a Dac then into my hifi. I did manage to sort it, but it was that long ago I can’t remember how. Sorry.

That’s exactly what I am doing G. I had completely forgotten about this and I’m fairly sure that the problem has disappeared, I will check later.

We had this issue with Amazon Prime on Samsung TVs. Updating the firmware on the TV to the latest version seemed to cure it.

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