Twitchers Revisited


Maybe not as colourful, but just as entertaining…


From a peer reviewed paper describing an incredible new BOP species in one of the least explored islands in the World to a fucking talking, captive parrot…

I despair, I really do.

But hey, it’s just as entertaining

Alfred Russel Wallace, eat your heart out.



Mind you don’t fall off and hurt yourself :roll_eyes:



The fox put up some brave resistance, but inevitably the Eagle prevailed


I visited Lundy recently and saw a dotterel and loads of Puffins


Two female Pied Flycatchers seen at The Mires of Funzie today

However, nice as they are, today’s potential rare find was a Lesser Whitethroat, which I believe to be of the Siberian race blythi

I have sent pics to an expert on the species and its sub-species for his comments.


Is the Whitethroat rare enough for people to travel (not just travel on the island) to see it Paul ?



I guess that depends on who you are talking about. Hardcore ‘twitchers’ will probably not bother as it is only a sub-species of Lesser Whitethroat blythi i.e. ‘Siberian’ Lesser Whitethroat - Sylvia curruca blythi - but not a full species in its own right, therefore not a ‘tick’ for the sad people.

Serious birders (of which there are many on Shetland) would probably be more inclined to visit Fetlar to see it. We’ll see (if my ‘expert’ friend agrees with my ID)

It will depend of course, if it is still in our garden tomorrow…


Interesting spot and clear, sharp shots to boot. Look forward to the verdict.


On the lookout for one of Britain’s rarest breeding birds today. Red-necked Phalarope

Managed to find them at two separate locations,

the advertised ‘Mires of Funzie’ hide

and another ‘undisclosed’ location

All pics are heavily cropped as it isn’t possible to get really close at these 2 places


I forgot this thread.
I had quite a natural history day a couple of weekends ago.
Thread sidetrack here.
In the morning I was playing golf and came across this chap on the tee

That evening I was at a secret location in Sussex listening to nightingale.
Before night fell we had a walk through the woods with a local ornitholigist who explained all the bird song we could hear as in who was making the noise and why. Great evening.
I reckon an adder and nightingales in one day is a rare event.
Last Saturday again on the golf course I was about 15ft from a fearless juvenile great spotted woodpecker complete with red hat.
The birds not mine :grinning:


Watched a Red Kite over our house today for the first time. Too high for a pic. Then a formation of 11 geese, suspect Canada, with full audio accompaniment. Big smile as I watched them.

The hedge sparrows, starlings and blackbirds have had a bumper year.


we have regular red kite sightings here but I rarely have the camera with the long lens to hand. Did once capture this though (apologies to some who might have seen me post it before)

IMG_4004crop2 by uh_simon, on Flickr

Seem to have bumper quantities of starlings, house and tree sparrows, and more blue tits than last year.


Spot on. The friend I gifted it to is delighted. Thank you.


I bought one too - great rec.



I don’t care what level anyone is at with their birding, they can learn something from this great book.


Dunlin - a scarce breeding bird in Britain


Not rare but very cute:


Found another beauty today.

Golden Oriole (distant, so heavily cropped pic)