Twitchers Revisited


We got one as well. Looks like a great book


It turns out that the Oriole is the first Fetlar record for nearly 30 yrs and the fifth since records began. It was still present earlier today.


Excellent work sir.


Is it not just there all the time but very good at playing hide and seek🙄?


Looks like a stuffed one to me - common practise in nature photography apparently.:wink:


You’re right, of course.

It’s a bugger to get the flight shots though. Can you see the wires?


Photoshop must have a motion blur feature - I am yet to be convinced.:smirk:


Excellent ! Out-bopped by the raven though :grin:



Sorry for the crappy phone photo but does anyone know what this is?


It looks as though it could have a ring on its leg so maybe some sort of homing pigeon? It’s been eating for about 15 min so very hungry.


It’s either a homing Pigeon or a Feral Pigeon


If it does have a ring it is certainly a homing Pigeon. Nobody rings Feral Pigeons AFAIK


Yes, checked, it definitely is ringed. We fed it up and it’s on its way.


Long tailed tit.jpg by -DaveBailey1-

In Richmond Park today


Not really a day for birding, strong winds meaning everything is sheltering. However, a nice Red-necked Phalarope was rather obliging, near the shore at Funzie

Found a slightly better shot from today, I think the posture is better on the 2nd pic


My much poorer attempt from today


Just love Bullfinches!

Are they nesting locally, Allan?


They are lovely things.

I think so - they’ve been coming to feed regularly for a while now.

Usually hear them before seeing them and the male was feeding for a while before the female showed up so obviously scoping the place out. It’s been nice the last few weeks as the starlings have moved on so everything isn’t eaten in minutes before any of the other birds can get any.


we occasionally have some on our feeder. Have load more gold finches than usual and lots of blue tits, so many juveniles at the moment.

Have house sparrows in the nest box.

no pictures unfortunately as I’ve not bothered to get the big camera out.


Breeding season in full flow now