Twitchers Revisited


only ducks - on Loch Lomond


What flavour is it? Do you get wafers with it?



Fucking albatross flavour


taken at Inversnaid


I see the Chaffinch has been ringed


also at Inversnaid


there were quite a few pretty tame Chaffinch’s there, that was the only ringed one


They tend to be very tame where people hand out scraps of food to them. I’ve had one eating from my hand before.


Blue-Eyed Shag


in Windermere


Flying rats


I know but I quite liked the little target next to them…and that was the most interesting thing about Windermere - way too many tourists


9 Brambling feeding on the driveway today. Not scarce birds by any means, but lovely things.


(not a great pic, but in my defence it was taken through the back door window)


Three males together


Recently in Richmond Park, my favourite bird probably

Kes in flight_2.jpg by DaveBailey1, on Flickr


This is Steve. My (almost) trained Red Kite.


An immature Gannet from yesterday


Should fit in here well :grinning:




Easterlies have brought loads of migrants in today. All quite common so far.

Redwings (Icelandic race) - several thousand, just everywhere

Loads of Robins, Song Thrushes and Goldcrests - all migrants

In the strong wind, photographing a hyperactive Goldcrest is bloody difficult. Poor effort, but the only one I managed