Twitchers Revisited


Goldcrest in the garden this morning (taken through the back door window)


Last Goldcrest, promise. This one in the Glebe garden.

Counted over 50 of them today. Also an estimated 10,000 Redwings (Icelandic race - coburni) on the island today.


That many sounds like a resource. How do they taste ?



I don’t know, but the amount of songbirds that get eaten is huge.


Hedgerow invasion of long tailed tits today.
Too quick to snap.

Loads of them zipping about.


We’ve had long tailed tits in our garden this for the first time in years. Usually we have loads of blue tits, coal tits and great toys but never long tailed


Long-caped tit.



Does that species sing like a tit?


If it looks like a tit, sounds like a tit … :slight_smile:


A very confiding Lapland Bunting


Great quality photos Paul - keep 'em coming.


What’s this ?..


It’s a woodpecker. Nice one!


Specifically, a Green Woodpecker.

Liking the Funzie bird shots - such amazing diversity (compared to Kingston upon Thames anyway)


Not so many green parakeets on Funzie.


Please, not.

Such a delightful crest when glimpsed.


One of Britains rarest breeding birds (40+ breeding on Fetlar this year, more than the rest of the UK added together) A female Red-Necked Phalarope. Unusually in the avian world, the female is much prettier than the male



I have been lucky enough to see one of these this year, all my mates missed it - my second ever.
As I’m sure Paul knows the Phalarope is one of the few birds with the usual sex roles reversed the males do all the egg sitting and the girls are prettier and do all the fighting over males. They are massively cute.


No 11 on Michael Nyman’s list



This sounds like Newcastle on a Friday night. Apart from the last bit. :slight_smile: