Can we have one too?

All the cool forums have one.

Fuckit. Can’t even spell it properly. Dumb cunt.

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What, is it the daily twit on the forum?

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No, tis a place to retweet the latest What Hifi 5 star thingy. Or wotever. Maybe just tweet bollocks a lot, or the random thoughts of Mr MWS. or stuff.

Twitter - it’s defined as the part of the body between the twat and the shitter.

Should be a requirement on AA.

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I was hoping for

On reflection this is not one of my best ideas.

We could tweet about the Meating though. And follow people. Following people sounds cool. You don’t have to go outdoors to do it either.

Oh, just to repeat bollocks.

This should be suggested for the get together.

SHAME! :bell:

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That’s not how you spell Twister.

But yes, this forum needs Twister.

Twister, booze and a webcam.