Two days in London

I’ve two days in London to myself on Thursday & Friday, the Wife is working in the office in Hammersmith and I’ve tagged along for the ride. We have a Jimmy Carr gig on Thursday evening.

I’ve not really planned anything for the days other than a trip to the V&A and maybe a tour of the Barbican.

Any ideas of things to do for a Design/Architecture walkabout or just general stuff avoiding the shopping areas in Half Term?

Also, a nice decent pub for a sneaky pint at lunch?

Wherever you go, it has to be an improvement on that!


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Museums at South Kensington


When we first arrived in London in 1988, we received the best advice;
When walking around, just look up. The most beautiful buildings are just shop fronts at street level.


I’ve done that, worthwhile and very interesting, quite a bit is out doors so check the weather…

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And take a mooch around the Golden Lane Estate (Barbican prototype) just up the road.

Although it’s completely residential so not exactly guided tour material.

One of my favourite pubs, particularly for food is just out the back of the Barbican, on Silk Street.

I also like

which is back towards Farringdon.

David Bowie pop up shop.

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If you’re feeling particularly adventurous take a trip to Trellick Tower, they do have open days (I’ve been up to the top), you’ll be lucky if there’s one while you’re there mind.

Ooh yeah the Jerusalem Tavern, I used to work fairly near to that and it was a very pleasant place to stop for a few hours.

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Good shout.

Got NT membership?

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A cheesey idea, but a tourist bus tour is a good way to see a lot of the town in a reasonably short time

Ooo interesting, not a NT member but that house came up on a recent James Bond/Sniff and Smith video.
EDIT - just checked, tour already booked out for this Thursday and then now closed till March 2022!

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Sir John Soanes house/museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.
The most eclectic, eccentric and interesting museum in London, free entry and they currently have a fantastic Pablo Bronstein Hell in it’s Heyday exhibition. A real gem of a place.


Pretty much mid 80s to mid 90s Trellick tower was a great place to go if you wanted to get robbed. The experience always seemed magnified by the brutality of its design. Happy days.

My favourite museum in London:

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Hampstead is worth a walk around anyway and depending on timings I could possibly show you as its 10 mins walk from mine.

However if you wish to stay west the former Commonwealth Museum now Design Museum is worth a visit I understand. Its an easy ride on the 27 from Hammersmith and I suspect other buses.

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RMJM hyperbolic paraboloid (I think) FTW.

Thats the one, words were a the tip of my tongue. I do know it was at risk for many years so although altered a bit its still good it was saved.

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Very interesting place. We went years ago when running the George IV in Portugal Street.

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