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Because hipster it’s going on Japanese handmade paper and I want it to look like it’s typed out and embossing the paper a bit, so normal printer won’t cut it I’m afraid.

I understand.
There are printing companies that will print in what is called deboss, which is what a typewriter does.
Much easier to create your document digitally, and send it to them, then you can have as many copies as you want, easily.

that is very machine like and regular - just the opposite of embossing. A typewriter produces a very inconsistent and subtle characteristic impact on the paper.

I thought he just wanted the feel/look.

Hipster = Authenticity.

Golf balls for the win!


What about a Nazi typewriter? I learned these existed when I was younger; a lady in my Gran’s WI group had been using one her late ex-army husband had secured in Italy in 1944. She was mortified when she took it to be repaired and they told her what it was.

My designer-y FoL got a vintage 60s/70s Brother typewriter for her birthday to do similar things. The ribbons are surprisingly available.

Forgot to mention we picked this up from a charity shop.

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Something similar happened when my father took his sextant to be serviced in Hamburg.

It came back all nicely cleaned up and with the swastika carefully obliterated :grinning:

To be clear - the sextant was Kriegsmarine issue but wasn’t issued to my father, he bought it from an American officer in the 60s.

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Could the flyer be done in really tiny font (Quite hipster)

yes 2 point timeromanswisshalfhitchstern-feint top-right justified on A2 tissue-paper

John Bull or go home…

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