I have no idea if anyone has any info here, but as a collective, there is lots of people with diverse hobbies here.

I’m after a typewriter to make up some leaflets (long story) and rather than just buying a random one on eBay and hoping it works, thought I would ask the wisdom of the forum.

Some are collectible, most are pretty worthless and the cost of the post and packing is the the major factor.
If you are just looking for something that works you can get one very cheaply.
If you want something that looks pretty that will be more expensive.

Olivetti if you can find one. Easy to service and ribbons ‘n’ shit still easy to source.

Fuck knows how I know this but I do. Or did.

I may have been to the bub.


No auto correct on a typewriter :grinning:

My mum, who could type, used to say “Never buy one that’s been dropped. The damage to the action will be irreparable”. But she used to care about being able to type quickly and evenly and having the result look really good.


I suspect this is a hipster style leaflet and probably needs a dropped typewriter to look the part.


If any keys are out of line he can bash them with a Rolex :grinning:

A customer’s Rolex!

Needs branding iron letters and some exotic leather swatches.

Let’s just hope it’s not too many leaflets unless your going to do one and photocopy. Wouldn’t be very authentic though.

Yes it is for some hipster style thing, funnily enough i was looking at Olivetti typewriters. Seem to be able to get them for £20 and as said, the same again for postage.

I only have 50 leaflets to make :expressionless:


25 if you use carbon paper (is that still a thing?)

Maybe use a typewriter font, on your computer?


Employ the services of Tom Hanks, he collects them and I’m sure if you ask nicely he will knock you a few out in his spare time.

Just get a Gestetner to go with.

get a spirit duplicator (Banda)

Saw them at the Laughing Cavalier back in 92.


Daisy wheel printer. Someone should make a usb one for hipster things.

just get one of these for faff